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Connecting eyewear, humans and untold stories

Inspired by the city's colorful, cultured and creative identity, YOU's Amsterdam combines quirky, innovative and audacious Dutch design with diligent attention to detail.

Discover a treasure trove of alluring frames, progressive lenses and fearless colors to accentuate your personality.

We're a huge advocate of self-expression

At YOU’S Amsterdam, we celebrate authenticity, and believe it is the way to connect. We’re in the midst of changing the industry's standards, and we like to move forward with this in everything we do. We want YOU’S Amsterdam to be a true

all-encompassing reflection of the city's culture, that’s why

we don’t stage photos here. All the lovely smiling faces you see in our campaigns are real citizens of Amsterdam who add character to the city. Just like the citizens, each of our frames tells its own story  — there's always an perfect match for everyone.

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