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A joyride full of new friendships

Over the years Amsterdam has grown into a community of human beings that shine a light on the city's warm fellowship. Some are at the start of a new life, figuring out how to design their own world  with  the colors of the rainbow. Others have already envisioned themselves and embody this vividly in their day to day lives. They are art-makers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and students. Pleasure seekers and explorers. Individuals united by one common goal on: they don't allow themselves to be guided by anything but their own joy.


Amsterdam is so inspirational because of the long history the city has of being the first to try new things and explore beyond what  is seen see as normal in a other countries. At the end of the day inspiration is just that, the ability and willingness to do something no one has never done before and excell doing it.


Rodrigo for Yous_Amsterdam
Mei Mei for Yous_Amsterdam

Mei Mei

 Amsterdam offers a lot of oppertunities, to explore, create and grow. You can find lots of nationalities which makes it vibrant and that's probably why the city has a creative energy overall.

Centraal station



I enjoy Amsterdam because it's free. You feel freedom everywhere you go and that feeling is incredible. It's a Lifestyle of being who you want to be and the city is very welcoming towards different kind of people.



Humans of Amsterdam

On a bright and sunny day, we hopped on our bikes and started to ride down to the most famous canals of the city center of Amsterdam to introduce bypassers to our astonishing eyewear.


 I really do believe that amsterdam is an inspirational city. Seeing that there are so many opportunities to express yourself and look for places and people that give you new insights on certain topics or opinions. Moreover, there is so much to learn as it is a very diverse city with so many different people with different backgrounds and ethnicities. All of this adds up to a city where there are so many flavours to taste, music to listen to and activities to get involved in.




If I would describe Amsterdam in three words, it would be: Diverse, Colorful and Extravagant. I think Amsterdam is a place where everyone can be themselves and where you can always express the way you truly are. I think Amsterdam should be an inspiration for many other cities!



YOUs map Y.jpg
YOUs map Y2.jpg


O Rijksmuseum
O Spiegelgracht
O Prinsengracht
O Nieuwmarkt
O Spiegelgracht
O Centraal station
O NDSM werf

O North Amsterdam

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